Amy's 30 Day Rosehip Oil Diary

Amy's 30 Day Rosehip Oil Diary

I have just ran out of the products I received for my Christmas gift from my parents (an extensive range of extremely expensive department store goodies ‘enriched with’ all kinds of complex wonders) and I’m armed with one single product - Mount Purious Rosehip Oil Facial Skin Care, to replace all 7 of the others. I have to admit that I’m not 100% convinced that I will see any results: my optimism has been sapped along with my bank account after my expensive bid to look like an 18 year old again. 


I’m fresh out of the shower and looking in the mirror… my eyes are donning a fan of train tracks, my forehead is a tad shiny and the rest of my face feels so tight I begin looking for whoever’s pulling my ears… I reach for Mount Purious Rosehip.

Uh-Oh… Google search: how do I apply rosehip oil? Google Result: With your hand.

Two drops in the palm of my hand and within ten seconds my face’s thirst has been quenched and I’m a vain, shiny woman fearful of not having products to prepare my face tomorrow morning for work.

I’ve woken up without the shine I fell asleep with. I’ve washed my face and I don’t need to put any more Rosehip on my face (thank god for not making me shine) and I don’t need to moisturise.

Yes, you read right: ‘I do not need to moisturise’… nor do I need to spend the next 25 minutes pampering my face. Today I will be early for work!


Every day is like Day 2 and I’m reaping the benefit of an extra 25 minutes in bed or having time for a morning run (depending on the weather of course.)

More importantly: my skin is feeling as soft as a baby’s, my skin tone is smooth and today I’m going out bare faced… no makeup!


How did I ever manage to have a pre-work daily skin care and makeup regime!?! Now makeup is something I wear on special occasions.

I’m officially in love with Mount Purious Rosehip: When we get married I’m going to be Amy Rosehip!



Jokes aside - Since switching to Mount Purious Rosehip Oil:

* My crow’s feet have gone

* My skin is soft and supple

* My dry patches have gone

* I have more time

* I have more money

* I feel confident

* I look confident

* I AM FRESH! (A natural, organic beauty.)

(FYI: I’m still haven’t reached the end of my first bottle!)