Dealing with Rosacea

Dealing with Rosacea

About Rosacea

Rosacea is a long term skin condition which usually effects the face and causes the blood vessels to become inflamed, the symptoms can persist between periods which are extremely sore and tender and periods which are clear.  Around 1 in 600 people are diagnosed with the condition in the UK, and most commonly effects people with sensitive skin between the age of 30 and 50.  

What causes Rosacea

The exact cause of rosacea like eczema and psoriasis is not known, however like psoriasis there are a number of environmental triggers which can cause an outbreak or worsen the condition. These include stress smoking, consuming alcohol, certain foods, and severe weather changes such as prolonged heat or cold weather.

Treating Rosacea

Lie all conditions the very best way to treat rosacea is to work out the environmental trigger that causes or worsens your symptoms and avoid them, however that’s simply not that easy. To help ease the discomfort and visible signs of rosacea there are a number of topical lotions and gels and oral antibiotics. In order to treat the round red bumps (papules) and pus filled swellings (pustules), a doctor may recommend a mereonidazole or azelaic acid based cream and gel, or a Brimonidine tartrate for red skin, visible results vary between 12 hours and several weeks, by which point the body may have started to heal itself and have side effects which include bring and stinging.       

Mount Purious. Organic Skincare and Rosacea  

Mount Purious Rosehip Oil Wrinkle Repair & Facial Care has 100% certified organic ingredients which are suitable for sensitive skin and can be used every day without causing a burning sensation or a sensitivity to light. Because there are no preservatives, chemicals, or perfumes the ingredients are also far less likely to cause adverse skin reactions. Our Rosehip Oil Wrinkle Repair and Facial Care Oil contains high levels of B-Barotene and essential fatty acids which help to rehydrate the skin and provide essential nutrition to help reduce papules and pustules.