Dealing with Scarring

Dealing with Scarring

About Scarring

Scarring is an area of fibrous tissue that forms instead of normal skin after the skin has been damaged. Scars are made from the same collagen as the tissue it replaces over a period of three months as the collagen and blood supply increases around the damaged area. Scar tissues form differently to the basket weave style of normal skin based on skin functionality which causes the skin to rise, and become lumpy, red and tender, this format means the fibrous tissue does not include sweat glands of hair follicles. There are many different types of scars which include flat, pale scars- the most common type, hypertrophic scars – red, raised scars that can be visible for years, Keloid scars – caused by the over production of scar tissue after it has healed, Pitted scars – sunken in appearance, like acne scars and Contracture Scars caused by skin shrinking and tightening, typical of a burn and stretch marks.

Mount Purious. Organic Skincare and Scarring

It is not possible to prevent scarring but it is possible to reduce their appearance. The Mount Purious. Organic Skincare range has a number of moisturisers suitable for reducing the appearance of scars and can be used on new or existing scars. Our oils are ideal to help reducing scaring as they provide deep moisturisation and encourage elasticity within the skin which reduces the size of a scar, they also encourage skin rejuvenation and an even skin tone to reduce the colour and overall size of the scar. Any of the following oils are suitable for treating scars but we feel there are some better suited to particular scarring.

Facial Scaring inc. Acne

Our Rosehip Oil Skin Care has extremely high levels of Vitamin C and B-Barotene which help to fade dark skin pigmentation caused by existing scarring and increases the water content of the skin to increase elasticity and skin health. Improvements in skin rejuvenating abilities encourage new skin tissue to grow quickly and can help to heal acne scars, facials burns and scaring.     

Stretch Marks

Our Evening Primrose Oil Skin & Hair Care is well known for its reduction in the appearance in stretch marks, best used when stretch marks are red and purple but still effective over a longer period of time on older marks, our evening primrose oil has a high essential fatty acid content and encourages skin rejuvenation that in turns helps to reduce the visibility of stretch marks. Our Evening Primrose oil is safe to use during pregnancy to encourage skin rejuvenation as the skin stretches and help to reduce visible signs early on.

Surgery, Severe, Burn and Old Scars

Our Tamanu Oil Moisturiser Plus is an absolutely amazing oil which provides deep moisturisation  with huge skin rejuvenating abilities which helps to reduce the visibility of scars from the day the stitches are removed and encourage healthy skin growth.  Tamanu Oil is effective during the healing process of reducing burn scars as it has a natural UV protection of SPF 20, which protects the skin from the suns UV rays as the skin heals, whilst moisturising the wound. It is suitable for older scars as it encourage skin rejuvenation around the scar tissue.