Why I love Argan Oil & How it's extracted

Why I love Argan Oil & How it's extracted

Argan Oil has been growing in popularity over the last few years and is often used in very small doses in conventional shampoos and conditioners. The real power of organic Argan Oil lies in a cold pressed extraction process which ensures it retains the vital vitamin and fatty acid contents which make it so good for hair and the scalp.

Mount Purious Argan Oil is 100% Pure and works very well on very dry hair to deeply moisturise and conditioner. If you have fair, light or thin hair I can recommend Mount Purious. Camellia Oil Skin & Hair Moisturiser which is a milder oil with similar properties to our Argan Oil and something I use every day. 



Our Organic Argan Oil and the extracting process

Mount Purious Argan Oil is produced from Argan oil which comes from the kernals of the argan tree. Our Argan Oil is grown, harvested and processed by a certified organic farmer in Morocco. Our argan is processed in the most organic way possible to retain the highest levels of nutrients, this cold pressed process involves extracting the nut from the freshly picked argan fruit, which is dried in the baking Moroccan heat. Our farmers do not use a mechanical extraction process. 


Next the nut is cracked open to extract the argan kernal. To ensure this is done properly, Berber women are employed to manually extract the kernal, Berber omen have been doing this for generations and are by far the most experienced and efficient at doing so. To retain the values of raw Argan Oil, they are ground by hand and pressed, this expels the most pure and unfiltered oil, which is then stored in air tight vessels for at least 14 days, at which point the argan oil begins to settle and sieve itself.

At this stage our farmers extract the most pure levels of argan oil which are then used in Mount Purious Argan Oil Skin & Hair Care. Although much of the argan oil produced in Morocco is later filtered, deodorised and mixed to dilute, the argan oil supplied to Mount Purious is 100% Pure.

When buying Argan Oil or an Argan oil based product always check the ingredients on the back of the packaging. 100% Argan Oil is called Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, many products on the market are mixed with other ingredients such as Cyclopentsdiloxane, Dimethicone, parfums and Tocopheryl acetate. These ingredients along with anything synthetic or natural are used to preserve the product for a maximum shelf life and dilute the effective of the argan oil down to nothing, this is usually reflective in the price of the product. To gain the true advantages of Argan Oil buy a raw, unfiltered, cold pressed and certified organic Argan Oil, quality cost more but the results are always worth it.