Our Plastic Free Policy - Update

Our Plastic Free Policy - Update


Good Day Organics Ltd - Plastic Free by Aug 1st 2018 - Update


   All our shipping materials are now made from recycled materials and are 100% recyclable and reusable. 

   100% Plastic Free


Our Plastic Free Policy

We all know how difficult it is to consciously ditch unnecessary plastic, I'm sure like ourselves your recycle bin is over flowing with the stuff. As soon as you look it's easy to see how everything we buy is coated in it, and often when it's completely redundant. 

Since the start of the year I have made a commitment to be free from all unnecessary plastic by August 1st 2018. I'm very much aware that as a manufacturer I am as much a problem of the system as the supermarkets and have a responsibility to ensure I take every step possible to avoid plastic. 

I've been working with my suppliers and packaging manufacturers since the start of the year and will continue to improve our processes to ensure we are not only plastic free but leave a positive foot print as well. 

More information to follow....