Using a Shavette Razor

Using a Shavette Razor

A Shavette Razor is an excellent beginners alternative to a traditional barber's cut throat razor which has a fixed blade which requires sharpening on a regular basis. The blades on the GDO Classic Shavette Razor are removable and can be easily replaced when they become dull. 

Firstly - Be Bloody Careful razor blades are sharp and must be handled with care. Always keep them out of reach of children.

Secondly - The less strokes the better the cut, however it takes time to get really good with a shavette so don't rush, take your time and breathe slowly. 

1)  Prepare the Razor

  • A. Lift the hinge on the shavette.
  • B. Gently insert the razor blade between the strips and ensure it fits within the pointers. 
  • C. Close the hinge tightly and ensure the blade is held tightly in place. 5mm of blade will protrude from the casing.

2)  Soften the Skin

  • Run the face cloth under a hot tap and apply to your skin to open the pores and soften the stubble.
  • Make sure to use enough that the skin does not dry out whilst your using the razor.

3)  Using the Razor

  • Pull the skin tight with your other hand.
  • Hold the shavette in a comfortable way, the above is recommended but it's most important that you have a safe grip and clearly see what you are doing. 
  • Take your time, don’t rush and have confidence.
  • Hold the shavette at a 30/35 degree angle and use a steady downward motion working with the grain. 
  • Rinse the blade often and keep it clean, wipe it dry of excess oil, foam etc. 
  • Now run the shavette against the grain to cut any loose hairs.

4)  Aftercare

  • Rinse your skin with clean warm water and dab the skin with a clean towel.
  • Make sure you rinse and dry the shavette, remove the blade if necessary for safety and pack the razor away in the storage tin.