Dealing with Acne

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Dealing with Acne

Acne is caused by an overproduction of sebum - a natural oil our bodies produce to lubricate hair and skin. Overproduction commonly occurs during puberty but can affect anyone at any time, and has been linked to increased testosterone levels, hormonal changes,  smoking, poor diet and stress. This extra sebum combines with dead skin cells to block skin follicles which causes a spot to form on the skin surface, which can lead to acne breakouts.

Dealing with Acne

The best way to deal with acne is to treat it at the source and help our bodies control our sebum levels, thus preventing the breakouts in the first place.

Mainstream acne treatments are designed with cheap ingredients which attempt to provide short term visible results without really tackling the problem at the source. Ingredients such as benzoyl peroxideethanol and certyl alcohol work by drying out the skin and reducing the size of acne spots however they have side effects which can cause long term damage to unprotected skin, including dry and easily irritated skin, sensitivity to light, a burning sensation and skin peeling! Because these ingredients have an adverse effect on the sebum, our skin never fully recovers.    

Please note - I am not implying that Mount Purious. Jojoba Oil Facial Moisturiser is a treatment or cure for acne. The following features of Jojoba Oil mean it can be used on acne prone skin, but I do not promote this product as a cure or treatment for acne itself. 

Mount Purious. Jojoba Oil Mild Facial Moisturiser
 is a perfect facial moisturiser for sensitive skin because its light composition is easily absorbed by the skin and provides deep nutrition. It's is 100% certified organic and the ingredients are pure, unrefined, and in essence just as nature intended, so there are no synthetic ingredients, preservatives, or perfumes which can cause skin irritation or reactions. This in part makes it ideal for people suffering with acne because it does not affect the tender skin in an adverse way.
    Mount Purious. Jojoba Oil Mild Facial Moisturiser has a composition like that of the skin sebum, once applied it works to replace the over production of sebum and dead skin with a fresh and easily absorbed layer of moisturisation which works with the skin, without clogging the follicles. 
      Mount Purious. Jojoba Oil Mild Facial Moisturiser also has organically derived anti-bacterial properties, which prevent infections spreading through exposed spots, and anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce the size and redness of existing spots.     

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