What does 'handmade' really mean?

What does 'handmade' really mean?

I'm writing this blog post in response to a growing number of websites who try to condemn handmade skincare products as 'thrown together in a kitchen' or 'amateur'. 

Firstly, there is nothing wrong with making products out of a kitchen, starting a manufacturing business can be very expensive and the thought of operating a full factory set-up is not only too daunting but completely unbelievable. I myself started in 2014 working from my apartment kitchen. What matters is that when your products are ready to sell they go through all the relevant stability and CPSR checks with a licensed chemist and are submitted to the EU Safety Cosmetic Portal, (along with any other safety organisation you may sell into around the world). Once you have completed this you can prove your products are safe for use, this is the cornerstone of production and all businesses no matter how big and small have to do this.

Flash forward 6 years later and I now work from a shared food grade registered factory, but my products are all still handmade by myself, using my own formulations, from ingredients I hand pick. Each time I develop a new product I go through the exact same process that any 'industrial' manufacturer would go through however my process includes an element of personalisation because this is not just my job, this is my passion, my livelihood and my future. In stark contract to those who simply launch a brand on the back of someone else hard work as they try to cash in on a 'trend'.   

Secondly, these 'critics' don't understand that the term 'handmade' refers to so much more than just production, its everything we put in. I can't speak for everyone who produces 'handmade' skin but I can assure all my customers and retailers that the vast majority of us small manufacturers where the 'handmade' badge with pride, because we are our products and what we put out in the world.We follow all the relevant legislation, lead the way in renovating the industry and set the standard for mass production brands to follow.