When the Journey Started..

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When the Journey Started..

When I was 18 I was one of millions of teenagers who suffered with consistent acne, it didn't matter what conventional products I used, which old wife's tales I followed or what I ate, I couldn't get rid of it. 

After trying every known conventional product I started looking into what was causes acne and what was in the products I was spending a fortune on every month, and was shocked to find that all these products I trusted were made from filling agents which block the pores and dry out the skin in an attempt to hide the spots without attempting to fix the root problem. With this new knowledge I started researching natural alternatives and came across an organic Jojoba Oil  which I imported from the United States, within a couple of weeks my skin had cleared up and felt better than it ever had, and so began my organic journey.


After ten years using organic products, two years travelling the world researching first hand and a further year working in the industry in Australia, I returned to the UK ready to launch Good Day Organics Ltd in 2014 and put my own knowledge to use.

Launched Nov 2014 Launched Feb 2015 Launched Nov 2016



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