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I've wanted to stock CBD Oil for a couple of years now, however I wanted to make sure I could find a quality supplier before making one available. 

My CBD is 100% isolate which means it is 100% pure CBD oil, I have chosen 100% isolate because it works best in our balms and lotions (coming soon) and provides a direct dose of CBD without dilution or mixing. You may find other retailers who sell Broad Spectrum CBD, I have no issue with that at all, I just use pure as it suits my products and my specific personal use.

FYI. CDB (Cannabidiol) is not Marijuana, both CBD and Marijuana are extracted from the Cannabis (Hemp) Plant, however CBD Oil and indeed our Mount Purious Hemp Oil is extracted without the THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the active 'high' component of Cannabis.  


You can read more on CBD Oil in our blog post here...

These items are not promoted as medicines, treatments or cures for any medical problems.  

We can only deliver our CBD Oils to UK Addresses

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