'Got to Get Away'' - Full Size Gift Set

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Hand formulated in small batch using 100% pure, 100% natural & 100% certified organic ingredients. This organic gift set is the full size version of our 'Got to Get Away' Gift Tin and comes in a large reusable tin. 

A perfect Organic Gift

1. Rosehip Oil Facial Skin Care which helps to prevent water loss & improves skin elasticity and will deeply moisturise the face in a confined space.

2. Rosewater Facial Toner which cleanses the skin pores and tightens the pores. Used as a spritz or with the face cloth to instantly refreshes the skin.

3. Argan Oil Skin & Haircare which is specifically suited to instantly rejuvenating hair, leaving it soft, shiny and well nourished.

4. Hemp Oil Body Moisturiser which provides the skin with great nourishment & hydration and is the perfect oil for dry skin.

My gift tins are made from light weight, strong and durable aluminium and come with a detachable lid, so they are perfectly suited to take on long distance journeys. I sourced them from a carbon neutral manufacturer based in the EU and like everything you find inside the gift tin they are sourced as ethically as possible. 

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