Complete Organic Beard Oil Gift Set (3 x 50ml, 3 x 30g)

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Hand formulated in small batch in Newcastle Upon Tyne using certified organic ingredients which are 100% pure, 100% natural & 99.9% certified organic.

The Beard Oil provides excellent skin and hair moisturisation, and is designed to prevent skin irritation, rashes & redness whilst helping the beard to grow stong & brittle free. Suitable for all skin types & beards - long and short.

This set includes our:

  • Unscented Beard Oil (50ml)
  • Forest Trail Beard Oil (50ml)
  • Mint Morning Beard Oil (50ml)
  • Unscented Beard Balm (30g)
  • Forest Trail Beard Balm (30g)
  • Mint Morning Beard Balm (30g)

Supplied in glass amber bottles to ensure you benefit from the untainted, incredible moisturisation properties of my beard oils.