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Organic Shave & Groom Gift Set

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Hand formulated in small batch in Newcastle Upon Tyne using certified organic ingredients which are 100% pure, 100% natural & 99.9% certified organic.

1. The Shaving Oil (50ml) works as an organic alternative to a foam or gel. It deeply moisturises the skin & softens the stubble to make shaving easier, and keeps the skin well lubricated to prevent rashes & irritation.

2. The Facial Moisturiser (50ml) deeply penetrates the skin and provide lasting moisturised throughout the day. The combined ingredients help to balance our natural oils to improve complexion, as well as moisturisation.

3. The Organic Muslin Cloth is perfect for cleansing the face, it’s netted texture gently exfoliate skin whilst cleansing and dries very quickly.

4. Our Mount Purious Classic double edge safety razor, is a straight cut, zinc alloy razor and one of my favourite, it is easy to use, well balanced and easy to clean. (inc. a razor blade). It is easy to change blades and clean, helping to prevent bacterial growth and rust. As with all razors, keep this out of the reach of children at all time.

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